Broke in LA aims to be your go-to for free and cheap outings in Los Angeles!

It’s no secret that LA is expensive. After shelling out half your income to your landlord then most of the rest for car payments, student loans, and basic necessities like food and the occasional new article of clothing there isn’t much left for going out.

But it’s also chock full of free things to do! And for when you have a little extra cash there are budget-friendly outings well worth the $5 – $15 ticket price.

If you’re finding this hard to believe just check out the Things to do page: there are free things to do in LA literally every day.

Now get out there and live your best broke life!

Or stay in and binge all seven seasons of your favorite TV show. Both are solid options.

About the Broke Gal Putting this Together

Forever thinking of apple pie and french fries.

I’m Lindsey, and I’m the human behind Broke in LA.

I moved to Los Angeles in the Summer of 2011. Since then I’ve primarily worked odd jobs, or as a freelancer so I’ve never had a consistent income (my parents are so proud). I go through bouts of working 60+ hour weeks and only having time to anxiously toss and turn until morning, and stretches of unemployment with a totally open schedule and no income.

Because of my chosen career (of no career) over the years I’ve compiled a list of things to do in LA that cost me either very little, or nothing. And now I’m sharing it with the world! So if you’re between gigs, or just moved out here and it’s taking longer than it should to get a job, or if you’re saving up for something rad, but don’t want to spend your saving time doing nothing then Broke in LA is for you. This city is great, and I hope this site of mine helps you explore it cost-effectively.