Cheap Dates for your Broke Butt: Los Feliz

The only thing better than a good date is a date close to home (for the sake of a fast return to sweats: quit it with the filthy thoughts). So with that in mind I give you: inexpensive date ideas in Los Feliz.

Date Idea #1:

Head on up to Griffith Park and take a stroll on one of the more mild trails near The Trails Cafe or if you’re feeling ambitious hike up to the Observatory (or pay to park close to it, but that runs $4/hour). It’s open every day except Monday until 10pm and always has FREE admission. Afterwards snag a slice of cake at Alcove (the cake slices aren’t particularly inexpensive – running around $8 – but they’re huge and perfect for sharing).

Date Idea #2:

Nestled in Barnsdall Park the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery is open Thursday – Sunday 11am – 4pm and is FREE to attend. Peruse the latest exhibit then have a picnic in the park after (a baguette from Trader Joe’s with a block of cheese and some prosciutto feels fancy, but won’t run you much).

Date Idea #3:

A $3.50 slice of pizza at Garage Pizza is never a bad way to start off an evening in Los Feliz. After scarfing a slice or two (or eating politely if you’re on one of those early dates) walk over to La Luz de Jesus Gallery to check out their latest exhibit. The gallery is FREE, and the store it’s nestled in, Wacko, is an experience in and of itself.

Date Idea #4:

Grab a couple of tacos from HomeState (if the line is reasonable), or Machos Tacos (just keep in mind Machos is cash only) then head over to The Clubhouse to take in some donation-based comedy. They have shows nearly every night of the year. Plus a big parking lot, which should score you bonus date points in this city.

“Cat-Human date nights are the best!” – the cat

If none if these strike your fancy, a wander through the neighborhood over to the Shakespeare Bridge always pleases. And my personal favorite: staying in and possibly not even messaging another human is always a win-win-win (the third win is because it’s cat-approved).

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