Cheap Dates for your Broke Butt: Mid-City

Dating in Los Angeles is daunting. People will remain in relationships years longer than they should just to avoid the drag of it. All the swiping, and the meeting, and the small talk is exhausting. And it’s freakin’ expensive too!

But it doesn’t have to be.

While I can’t promise you you’ll meet your next indefinite beau on OKC, I can give you a pretty decent inexpensive date itinerary that’s more engaging than just drinks at a bar.

Date Idea #1:

Take in some FREE live Jazz on a Friday at LACMA from 6pm – 8pm. Alcohol is allowed on the premises so pack a wine and cheese picnic for an added bit of fancy. And don’t worry if you’re coming right after work: there’s a Trader Joe’s on the corner of La Brea and 3rd (5 minutes away). Cap the evening off with a stroll through the Second Home Serpentine Pavilion on the lawn by the La Brea Tarpits . It’s FREE to stroll through, and open until 9pm on Fridays; just be sure to RSVP in advance. Depending on how wine and cheese crazy you go this shouldn’t run you more than $30, and could cost as little as $10 (psst: parking onsite can be pricey, but there are metered spots on Wilshire and 6th, and a few free spots in the neighborhood too)

Date Idea #2:

If you’re looking for more of a daytime date, The Marciano Art Foundation is open Thursday – Sunday and is totally FREE, though you do have to RSVP in advance, but this can usually be done just a few days prior to your intended visit. Plus it has free parking onsite too. After taking in some Yayoi KusamaI head over to Larchmont Village Wine & Cheese for gourmet sandwiches for $10 and under (provided it’s not a Sunday as they’re closed on Sundays). This date might run you a cool $20, or slightly more if you’re splurging on sodas too.

Date Idea #3:

In the Summer the La Brea Tarpits host FREE Late Night Friday events 5pm – 8pm. After taking in your fill of fossils head over to Carmela Ice Cream and grab a cone, and head back past the counter toward the freezer door then open, and enter the hidden back room, and maybe take a few pics in the Photo Booth. All in this could be a $15 evening.

Here’s hoping that one of these is your last first date, or your first last date. Or that if all else goes awry that you have an inexpensive outing.

And if none of these pique your interest, there’s always the totally free option to stay inside alone, or perhaps with another human, and hang out with your cat (my preferred option, to be honest).

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